Open Mind Prize - Rules

  1. The Prize is awarded for a result or a series of results in broadly understood combinatorics.
  2. The Prize can be awarded to a young researcher who:
    • is either a Polish citizen or completed her/his Ph.D. in Poland;
    • either has not got her/his Ph.D. yet or completed it not earlier than three years before the year when the Prize is awarded (therefore in 2022 edition the earliest admissible year of completing the Ph.D is 2019);
    • has not been awarded the Prize before.
  3. The nomination for the prize should be sent to e-mail available on contact page before July 15th in the year when the Prize is awarded. The submission should include a short description of the results which are presented for the Prize.
  4. The Program Committee of the Polish Combinatorial Conference chooses the Prize Committee (which, typically consists of all Polish professors working in the field) which, in general voting, selects at most three nominees. They are invited to give special lectures at the Polish Combinatorial Conference. The Program Committee asks one of the invited speakers of the Polish Combinatorial Conference to select the winner and announce her/him during the conference.